Floyd Mayweather vs Deji: Date, Start time, Live stream, undercard

Floyd Mayweather next exhibition opponent will be Deji.

Following his retirement, the multiple-weight world champion is currently on a globe exhibition tour, competing against YouTube boxers, mixed martial artists, boxers, and kickboxers in Japan, Miami, and Dubai. Tenshin Nasukawa, Logan Paul, Don Moore, and Mikuru Asakura are among the opponents he encounters.

Both guys will go to Dubai, London, and Las Vegas to promote Deji’s sixth fight. His total record was 1-3, but he appeared to be a different fighter after defeating Yusef “Fousey” Erakata in August at London’s O2.

Mayweather, 45, has fought with varied degrees of aggression in the past, and he has stated that he wants to fight opponents who will not damage him. Deji claims he came to fight and is eager to defeat his opponent for the first time since 1996.

The show’s details are available below.

Floyd Mayweather vs Deji

What Date of Mayweather vs Deji Bout and when does it start in the UK?

The event will begin on Wednesday, November 13 at 6:00 p.m. GMT (UK time). The walk to the ring for the main event is slated to begin between 9:30 and 10:00 p.m., and the undercard is predicted to be outstanding.

Because to backstage issues, Mayweather’s most recent bout in Dubai versus Don Moore will air later than scheduled. So prepare for a long evening.

How to watch Floyd Mayweather vs Deji via TV and live stream?

Although no formal confirmation of a broadcast partner has been made, it is expected that UK media groups would compete for the contract. Tommy Fury’s matches are only shown on BT Sport.

A pay-per-view showcase bout between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. was also shown on BT Sport. Because of their coverage of Mayweather’s bout versus Logan Paul last year, Sky Sports is recognized as Mayweather’s UK broadcaster.

Few people are aware of the live-streaming service that will broadcast the event.

Don Moore vs. Mayweather, Mayweather’s most recent battle, was broadcast live on the Front Row website in May as part of the Global Titans fight series, which has now concluded.

We will update this page once there’s a news from the official.

Floyd Mayweather vs Deji fight card

Mayweather has fought four times since retiring in 2017 following his victory over McGregor.
Deji, 25, recently defeated Fousey, 32, after losing to him three times previously. On YouTube, Fousey fights.

Deji expressed gratitude to Global Titans and his crew for the opportunity.

The event will be televised live from Dubai’s Coca-Cola Arena.

The big event will begin at 10 p.m. in the United Kingdom, which is 1 a.m. in Dubai.

Who is fighting on the undercard?

According to reports, Tommy Fury would be fought by an ex-Marine Corps man.

Fury will face Paul Bamba in Dubai as a warm-up for Floyd Mayweather’s exhibition bout with YouTube personality Deji.

According to Boxing Scene, Fury will meet the 5-2 New Yorker on November 13.

Tyson Fury’s younger brother is a professional boxer who has never lost a bout.

He intends to defend the position against Bamba, who has never held it before.

The creator and leader of Trifecta Strong is 33 years old.

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