Floyd Mayweather Won as Taking On Mikuru Asakura

Mayweather vs Asakura

Floyd Mayweather’s boxing victories will not be considered.

On Sunday in Saitama, the well-known boxer defeated Japanese MMA fighter Mikuru Asakura. Mayweather is fighting in his second exhibition bout of the year, his second since retiring, and his second in Japan.

Mayweather will be paid $20 million for the three-round bout. Pacquiao attended the celebration.

“Thank you, Japan,” Mayweather remarked. “Amazing people and country.” Incredible attendance. This competitor ought to be praised.”

From a southpaw posture, Asakura struck Mayweather’s head with lefts and rights in the second round.

Mayweather claimed to be the highest-paid fighter in history and one of the finest fighters of all time. He hit Asakura in the body with a good strike before the finals, which set up the right hand that terminated the bout.

Because it took Asakura a bit to stand up, referee Kenny Bayless called a halt to the bout.
Mayweather, 45, predicted that Pacquiao will be a world champion in the “future” following their bout. Pacquiao addressed the audience both before and after the performance.

Asakura, who was 30 at the time, is claimed to have traveled to the Philippines to discuss competing with Pacquiao. Pacquiao took part in order to encourage Asian combat sports. After hearing Pacquiao state twice that he wanted to be invited back, people began to believe that Pacquiao, Mayweather, and Rizin would fight.

The guy who was meant to deliver Mayweather flowers instead dropped the bouquet on the canvas.

Mayweather donned a jersey with the number 50 to symbolize his unbeaten record in 50 fights.

Mayweather won the opening round of their battle against Tenshin Nasukawa in December. Nasukawa weights around 120 pounds. On Saturday, Asakura was a touch heavier and closer to Mayweather’s weight.

Mayweather’s security man, Ray “Jizzy Mack” Sadeghi, was knocked out by 135-pound kickboxer Kouzi. In the ring, Sadeghi towered above Kouzi.

Floyd Mayweather sparred with Don Moore in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He intends to keep an eye on a new adversary in the Middle East before the end of the year.

Mikuru Asakura lost in the second round in a three-round exhibition tournament in Saitama, Japan.

The 30-year-old Japanese mixed martial arts (MMA) athlete was enraged and delivered several strong strikes.

Even if an MMA fighter is in his mid-40s, he lacks the boxing ability to compete with a great boxer.

Mayweather knocks out Asakura in the last seconds of the second round.

Mayweather has stated that he will not face a physically tough opponent. Asakura, not so much.

Both combatants extended their lead hands to test how far away they were and occasionally struck powerful punches, particularly to the body.

Round two was much faster. Mayweather launched his assault on Asakura with a right-hand shot to the head and body.

Asakura’s strike jerked Mayweather’s head back, despite the fact that it was difficult for him to hit the renowned careful fighter. His issue was that he was terrible at making new acquaintances

Mayweather blasted Asakura with a right punch that wounded him after being hit in the head three times Kenny Bayless glanced at him on the ground and realized he needed to abandon the game.

How Mayweather is able to defeat the top welterweights. No, it still isn’t. He wants to continue defeating MMA fighters, boxers, YouTubers, and other exhibition competitors.

Mayweather had a good time after the fight and praised the Japanese supporters.

Before and after the main event, Mayweather and Pacquiao chatted in the ring.

Will Mayweather or Pacquiao triumph? Pacquiao, who is 43, may have said anything.

He assured her that they will see each other again.

There will be more well-known boxers.

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