Mayweather Is Up for McGregor Rematch

Floyd Mayweather has stated that he wants to fight Conor McGregor next year if McGregor does not injure him.

In 2017, Mayweather defeated Conor McGregor via TKO. After that, he participated in exhibition fights against Tenshin Nasukawa, Logan Paul, and Don Moore, although he is no longer a professional boxer.

The 45-year-old will compete in an exhibition contest against Mikuru Asakura, a Japanese mixed martial arts fighter, the following Saturday. He has no intention of stopping fighting right now.

Mayweather told the media that he would face McGregor again in a legitimate professional bout, despite preferring to fight mainly in demonstrations.

When questioned about a hypothetical rematch, Floyd Mayweather was asked about Conor McGregor.

This weekend [against Mikuru Asakura], I intend to go out and have fun. According to Mayweather, I have another performance in Dubai in November and am scheduled to face Conor McGregor in 2023.

Mayweather vs. McGregor 2

We don’t know how much of this antagonism is genuine and how much is really for show. Both, however, have been discussed. I’d rather visit a museum than… Fighting when I could be wounded does not make me joyful.

“I don’t mind fighting Conor McGregor or guys who don’t strike hard, like YouTubers or UFC fighters,” says the fighter, “but I won’t put myself in a scenario where I may damage or hurt myself.”

Nobody knows what will happen next for the former UFC champion.

White recently stated that he would not sanction another fight between McGregor and Mayweather. McGregor’s UFC contract currently only includes two more fights.

The UFC sanctioned the first bout between McGregor and Mayweather, but White does not appear keen to see his most precious asset return to boxing.

McGregor, 34, has been working hard to recuperate from the severe leg injury he suffered when he lost to Dustin Poirier in July 2021. However, no official word on when he will return to the cage has been issued.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. was asked about a prospective rematch with Conor McGregor by Charlotte Daly of the Daily Mail. He informed her that the date has been provisionally fixed for 2023.

Mayweather has stated that he is unsure if the fight will be for genuine or for show. “But both have been addressed. I enjoy attending art exhibits.”

The possibility that the 45-year-old may maintain his immaculate 50-0 record was not discussed.

Mayweather hasn’t fought since his TKO victory over McGregor in 2017. Tenshin Nasukawa, Logan Paul, and Don Moore, all from Michigan, are among the MMA fighters he has defeated. On Sunday, he will face Mikuru Asakura.

Meanwhile, McGregor’s performance in the Octagon has deteriorated. He lost three of his next four UFC fights after fighting Mayweather. The 34-year-old has been out for almost a year after breaking his tibia in a battle with Dustin Poirier at UFC 264.

McGregor’s manager, Tim Simpson, told MMA Junkie’s Farah Hannoun and Mike Bohn in August that his client’s leg was “still mending” and that he wouldn’t fight again until 2023.

McGregor would make a lot of money from an exhibition fight with Mayweather, and it would be easier on his surgically repaired left leg.

Mayweather and McGregor were reportedly offered $100 million and $30 million, respectively, in 2017. Nobody ever found out what their true earnings were. Their cut of the live gate or pay-per-view revenue was not included.

The question of whether McGregor is willing to commit to a position that will extend his absence from mixed martial arts is critical. As he ages, he has slipped to ninth position in the lightweight division.

If McGregor wants to reclaim the UFC title, he may have to prioritize his return to the Octagon above a more lucrative agreement with Mayweather.

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